Friday, 30 March 2018

Chronicles from Lisbon | Cabo da Roca

"Eis aqui, quase cume da cabeça
De Europa toda, o Reino Lusitano,
Onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa,
E onde Febo repousa no Oceano."

"Behold, near the top of the head
Of all Europe, the Lusitanian Kingdom,
Where the earth ends and the sea begins,
And where Phoebe rests in the ocean."

Luís Vaz de Camões, in Lusíadas 

"Where the earth ends and the sea begins" is how the Portuguese poet (and traveler) Luís de Camões describes the Cabo da Roca in its epic poem Os Lusíadas. And this cape, the most western part of Europe, can be seen as that. Also known as Moon Promontory (Promontório da Lua), is part of the Natural Park of Sintra and Cascais (Parque Natural de Sintra Cascais).

A stone column mark the geographical extreme of the continent to all who visit this place, and the view one can grasp on both directions is absolutely breathtaking. But be careful! The strong winds can be dangerous and you should not cross the wood fences that protect people from falling down.

Starting at Cabo da Roca, it is possible to follow several eco-trails, enjoying the vegetation and the spectacular views of the coast. Eventually you can arrive to the vicinities of Praia da Ursa. If you're prepared to a (very!) steep way down (and then back up!), please go, is nothing less than magical.

You can reach Cabo da Roca by car (about 30 minutes from Lisbon) or by bus, and at the location you can find a tourism information office, a small store, a café and all the necessary infrastructures. Reserve a few hours to walk around or a full day if you intend to go to Praia da Ursa. If you can, wait until sunset and enjoy it from this special place over the Atlantic.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Chronicles from Florence | San Lorenzo Market

Whenever and wherever I travel to,  love to visit markets and shops, not just the fancy places or the posh griff stores, but the most popular places. Love the colorful and noisy markets, walking among the local people on their daily activities, buy what is most characteristic, talk with the vendors.

In Florence, I went several times to San Lorenzo Market, which was very close to the hotel. Product diversity was huge. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Good fish, meat and groceries. Helpful and friendly vendors. It was the man who sold the zuppa Toscana mix that gave me the soup recipe and I found  him because the owner of the pasta store walk with  me across the market  to show me the best place to buy what I wanted.

The market goes outside the building with people selling all kind of leather goods, t-shirts and souvenirs. Much of it is directed to tourists and most of the articles are of questionable quality and not interesting at all. But still, if you look around you can find some interesting pieces.

As most of what you do while traveling, is not just the destiny but also what you find on your way there that is interesting. So keep your camera at hand and your eyes open as the vicinities of San Lorenzo Market have many points of interest. The Basilica di San Lorenzo, the Cappella dei Principe, and the Sagrestia Vecchio - a masterpiece of the fifteenth century, that was the first part of San Lorenzo to be completed by Brunelleschi, commissioned by the Medici to be their own mausoleum - are some of the places to visit in San Lorenzo neighborhood.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Wine Chronicles | Setúbal's Península Wine Region

Close to Lisbon and ideal for a day trip from the Portuguese capital, the wine region of Setúbal's Península (Portugal) presents great wines from well-established producers, with a variety of wine tourism activities to offer to its visitors. Famous for its sweet Moscatel wine, Setúbal's Península region is also notable for its table wine with both white and red wines acknowledged internationally.

On the heart of the beautiful village of Palmela, you will discover the Wine Route House. Set in a former winery, converted to an Eno-Tourism information office and reservation centre for the guided visits to the wine cellars and wine activities developed in the region, the Wine Route House is also a wine shop and bar, where you can purchase and taste the best certificted wine at incredible prices.

You can also experience some tasting menus and enjoy the spectacular view from the outer lounge terrace. Frequently there are wine tourism activities (many of them free), like commented wine tastings, held by the wineries enologists, and musical events paired with some amazing wine.

The Wine Route House is the perfect place to know more about the wine region, to book some visits or one of the activities they organize all year around. Everyone there is remarcably knowledge about the wines and attractions of this gorgeous part of Portugal and will be more than happy to assist you with sound suggestions on the subject. I had the privilege to visit some of the wineries and participate on a number of activities and could not recomment it enough. Bellow you can find some of my suggestions and the links to the posts where you can get more information. Enjoy!


The Quinta da Bacalhôa estate and its iconic palace are situated in Azeitão (Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region), less than an hour South from Lisbon. This wine tourism site can be visited and if you are a history and art lover, combining all of this with a wine tasting can make the perfect day trip from the Portuguese capital. (Read More)


Filipe Palhoça Vinhos is a family-owned company dedicated to viticulture and wine production for more than 50 years. The estate, Quinta da Invejosa, is located in the sand plain of Palmela, and it has 90 hectares of carefully cultivated vineyard, where red grape varieties dominate. (Read More)


Fernão Pó is a family winery, resulting from the joining of two families related to winemaking for generations. Since its founding in the '50s, the winery has grown to keep its roots in the local winemaking tradition. Today, Fernão Pó Winery seeks to combine the best of tradition with modern technology, while strongly committed to social and environmental principles. (Read More)


This market, taht usualy takes place in March, presents regional products and wine, wine tastings and lots of activities and shows that can give you some feel of the rural activities of the region.


During the months of April and May (every Thursdays and Saturdays, until May 27) you can make a visit to 3 major wineries in the region of Fernando Pó, hear and talk to their winemakers, and taste some wine and regional products. The visit starts at Oriente railway station in Lisbon, and after less than 30 minutes you arrive at Fernando Pó. (Read More)


Sunset parties became a hit these last few years. Add to that some great wine and food, music, good company while cruising along the beautiful shores of Arrábida, in Portugal, and you will have some very well spend hours. (Read More)


The harvest is one of the most special times of the year for the wineries and, this year, I had the opportunity to participate, and just love it! Well, it wasn't the real deal, all day under the sun, picking grapes and taking the heavy buckets to the wagon. It was a (very) light version of it, in the right amount to make it totally enjoyable and fun. (Read More)


We all agree that a good wine can be the perfect match for the good music. With that in mind, the Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region organizes, for several years now, an Autumn event where the wines of several wineries in the region can be tasted while enjoying a live concert. (Read More)

Casa Mãe da Rota de Vinhos
Largo de s. João Batista
2950-248 Palmela
Phne +351 212 334 398

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Porto

Portugal has become an important travel destination in the last few years, and, just like Lisbon, Porto (the second largest city in the country) is in many people must go list. Perfect for a short break from any European country, or for a longer stay, there is much to see in and around the northern Portuguese capital.

As so many of you had liked my Top 10 Instagram Spots in Lisbon post, I thought that would be only fair to provide you with the same for the gorgeous Porto, and here it is.

Today I bring you my top 10 Instagrammable spots in the city. There are many more amazing places and surely my photos may not be the best you can find, but this will give you some ideas of the spots you can't miss on you Instagram madness once you get to Porto.


Make sure you are at D. Luís bridge at sunset. The view of the curving river and the colorful Ribeira district in the twilight is a show that you don't want to miss.


D. Luís I bridge crosses the Douro river from Porto to Gaia. Pedestrians can cross both top and lower trays of the bridge, and the view at sunset is absolutely breathtaking. But also the bridge itself is worthy of your pictures from either of the river banks.


Ribeira district is a spectacle of color and when you look at it form the Gaia pier it looks even more stunning. So, when you cross the river to Vila Nova de Gaia, don't forget to take a bunch of photos of the opposite bank.


The beautiful Avenida dos Aliados, with its buildings from the first half of the 20th century it's a must go place and the perfect scenery for many photos.


With its tiled walls, Igreja do Carmo is one of the most photographed monuments in the city. If you have the time, you may want to visit it and enjoy all the detail.

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The amazing pink house of Serralves is one of my favorite places in the city and, along with the park and the museum is a place you should not miss. The photo opportunities are infinite.


This small church, sitting on the top of a street is difficult to miss, and, with its blue and white tiled wall is perfect for a photo.

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São Bento is an icon railway station, mostly due to its tiled walls and amazing light. Even if you don't arrive in the city by train, don't forget to visit the station. Both the main room and the platform are worth the visit and have plenty of photo material.


There are some iconic stores in Porto and Casa Oriental is one of the most photographed one. The bright color of the walls and the surrounding buildings make it a perfect Instagram subject.


Any Porto's Top 10 is complete without Lello bookshop. Lello is considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world and is surely the most photographed one in the country. You'll have to pay a fee to enter and probably to wait in a line. But be patient and you'll have some great photos to show for it!

You can find more on #Porto on my Instagram and I would love to take a look at your best Instagram pics of Porto. So, if you have some, please share them with me on the comments (links please) and I'll be glad to write a future article with the best Porto pictures on Instagram. Let's bring as much people onboard as we can, sharing this post with your friends. I'll be looking forward to know you and your Instagram profiles.

You can check our Top 10 Instagram Spots in Lisbon here:

Thursday, 1 March 2018

My Instagram Top 9 | February

The shortest month of the year came and go in a blink of an eye. Here we are in March, looking back for what has been done in the last 28 days. Lots of work, eating out with friends (you can read all about our experience at Belvedere Ristorante and find a 25% discount code in here), some day trips to gorgeous places not far from Lisbon, or nice strolls around the city on some of the few sunny days, were some of the things that made up February.

Until the next monthly wrap-up, leave you with the nine photos that are the Top 9 for February on our Instagram account. You can follow us there for daily photos, tips, and stories.
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